Russian S-350 Makes First AI-assisted Kill

The ongoing Russo-Ukrainian conflict is throwing out many firsts. There is a new addition to this long list, an artificial intelligence(AI) assisted interception by Russian surface-to-air system.

According to a report by Russian news agency Sputnik, quoting a well informed source, the S-350 ‘Vityaz’ intercepted a Ukrainian aircraft all by itself without a man-in-the-loop with the assistance of AI.

Lesson from Ukraine - Russia improves its weapons

‘Battlefield tested’ is one of most important criteria for selection of any weapon system by any military. Weapons and systems that have performed in any intense conflict are desired by all militaries. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict has not only battled hardened Russian military but all its weapon systems. The lessons of the war, first, begun to reflect in the rapid improvement in Russia war fighting tactics and now also begin to show up in its weapon systems.