ROSOBORON Doubles Russian Presence at Saudi Defence EXPO

ROSOBORON Doubles Russian Presence at Saudi Defence EXPO

Fri, 02/02/2024 - 07:44
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New Delhi, Feb 1

JSC ROSOBORONEXPORT (part of Rostec State Corporation) is the organizer of Russia’s single exhibit at the World Defense Show 2024, which will be held from February 4 to 8, 2024 in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

"The World Defense Show is being held for the second time and it has already become a key event for the global defense industry. Compared to 2022, the scale of the Russian exhibit has doubled and ROSOBORONEXPORT is represented at all possible venues of the exhibition. In the outdoor display area, the company will show the ZA-SpN Titan and Spartak armored motor vehicles, UAVs of the Orlan family. The IL–76MD-90A(E) military transport aircraft will be on display at the airfield, while the latest products for the Air Force, Ground Forces, Navy and air defense systems will be exhibited in a pavilion," - said Alexander Mikheev, Director General of ROSOBORONEXPORT. "We see a great interest among representatives of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies of Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Middle East in the latest battle-tested Russian defense products. We are ready to offer our partners unique formats of cooperation, including localization of the production of Russian weapons and joint development of advanced models."

More than 20 domestic defense manufacturers, including the Almaz-Antey Corporation, Special Technology Center, Remdiesel, Rostec State Corporation and its subsidiaries High Precision Systems, UAC and Technodinamika, present their products within a single Russian exhibit.

At its booth, ROSOBORONEXPORT will be showcasing modern weapons and military equipment from Uralvagonzavod, Kalashnikov Concern, Vector Research Institute, Research Institute of Steel (part of Rostec State Corporation) and other Russian manufacturers.

For the Ground Forces, the company will show the T-90MS tank, which has substantiated its capabilities in real combat operations and is in great demand in the Middle East, ERA-protected BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle, ZSA protected field ambulance, Spartak and Typhoon-K MRAP vehicles.

A full-scale model of the ZA-SpN Titan special purpose protected vehicle with a remote-controlled weapon station will make its world premiere at the exhibition. This MRAP-class vehicle provides a high level of ballistic and mine protection. It has excellent prospects in the Middle East market, including due to the possibility of installing foreign-made weapon stations on it.

As part of its exhibit, ROSOBORONEXPORT will present a state-of-the-art integrated combat gear for special operations forces personnel, which includes the Chukavin sniper rifle and Bespokegun Raptor and Elegance precision rifles, Kalashnikov AK-200 series, AK-12, AK-15, AK-19 and AK-308 assault rifles, 9mm Lebedev compact pistol, 9mm Kalashnikov PPK-20 submachine gun and the Kub-E loitering munition.

Klavesin-1 RE

The new IL-76MD-90A(E) military transport aircraft, which is being shown in Saudi Arabia as a full-scale model for the first time, as well as modern Russian combat aircraft, including fighters, bombers and trainers, are expected to attract the attention of Air Force delegations. The Ka-52, the world's best recon/attack helicopter, military transport and transport/attack helicopters will be on display at the ROSOBORONEXPORT booth. In addition, ROSOBORONEXPORT will showcase various air weapons at the exhibition.

ROSOBORONEXPORT will exhibit the Orlan-10E and Orlan-30 UAV systems in the outdoor display area. In the UAV countermeasures segment, the company will showcase the Product RB-504P-E, Radiomonitoring station for communication channels monitoring and the Serp-VS6 electronic countermeasures system for countering small UAVs.

Air defense assets will be represented by a wide range of surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems of various ranges. Among them are Almaz-Antey’s S-400 Triumf long-range system, S-350E Vityaz, Viking and Buk-M2E medium-range systems, and various versions of the Tor short-range SAM system. High-Precision Systems Holding Company, part of Rostec State Corporation, will demonstrate the Pantsir-S1, Pantsir-S1M self-propelled and the Pantsir-ME naval air defense missile/gun systems, as well as the Verba and Igla-S man-portable air defense systems.

For the Navy ROSOBORONEXPORT will exhibit the newest autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle Klavesin 1RE, hydrofoil boat Sagaris and the Project 20382 corvette in a new export configuration fitted with the Zaslon integrated radar system and built using stealth technologies to reduce its signature.

During the exhibition on February 5, ROSOBORONEXPORT will hold public presentations where its specialists will talk about the capabilities of new Russian defense products and the features of their use in combat:

at 11:00 – "Modern Russian armored motor vehicles for performing a wide range of missions on the battlefield".

at 13:00 –  "IL-76MD-90A(E) Multi-purpose military transport platform".

February 6 at 11:00 – "T-90MS – the main battle tank of the modern battlefield."

As part of the exhibition’s business program, ROSOBORONEXPORT is planning to hold talks with government officials, senior military officers and business representatives from Saudi Arabia, as well as the Middle East and North African countries. Further development of bilateral military-technical cooperation and joint industrial partnership projects are expected to be discussed during the meetings.