Army Chief Inaugurates BEL Atmospheric Water Generator

Army Chief Inaugurates BEL Atmospheric Water Generator

Fri, 02/22/2019 - 22:02
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 21 February

Navratna Defence PSU Bharat Electronics
Ltd (BEL) has unveiled its new product, the Atmospheric Water Generator
(AWG), an innovative solution to meet the ever-increasing need for
drinking water worldwide, today at Aero India 2019.

General Bipin Rawat, Chief of Army Staff, inaugurated the Atmospheric
Water Generator in the presence of Mr Gowtama M V, CMD, Directors and
other senior officers of BEL.

BEL's Atmospheric Water Generator can be used to generate water straight
from the humidity present in the atmosphere.

The day is not far when drinking water becomes the most precious
commodity on the planet. Groundwater, currently the main source of
drinking water, is being depleted at alarming and unsustainable rates
even as the search for alternate water sources continues.

BEL's Atmospheric Water Generator employs a novel technology to extract
water from the humidity present in the atmosphere and purify it. It uses
heat exchange for condensing the atmospheric moisture to produce pure,
safe and clean potable water. The AWG comes with a Mineralisation Unit,
which is used to add minerals which are required to make the water
potable. The AWG is configurable in static and mobile (vehicular)
versions and is available in 30 litres/day, 100 litres/day, 500
litres/day and 1,000 litres/day capacities.

The Atmospheric Water Generator can be used to provide drinking water in
community centres and public places like health care centres, schools,
colleges, offices, railway stations, bus stands, airports, sea ports,
off-shore oil rigs, military establishments, remote field areas and
remote establishments and residential complexes.

The Atmospheric Water Generator is being manufactured by BEL in
collaboration with CSIR-IICT and MAITHRI, a start-up company based in
Hyderabad. It is on display at the BEL stall at Hall-E at Aero India
2019. BEL has, as part of the Government of India's Start-up India
Initiative, extending its support to start-up Companies.