Uralvagonzavod Presents its Desert Tank Т-90МС in Saudi Arabia

Uralvagonzavod Presents its Desert Tank Т-90МС in Saudi Arabia

Sun, 03/06/2022 - 21:11
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New Delhi, March 5

JSC “Concern “Uralvagonzavod” (a part of State Corporation Rostec) presents its Т-90МС tank “Master of the Desert” at the first World Defense Show in Saudi Arabia. As emphasized by experts, the armored vehicle features a higher level of combat capabilities to meet the most advanced combat requirements.

TankТ-90МСis designed by the Ural design Office of Transport Mechanical Engineering (as part of Concern “Uralvagonzavod” incorporated in Rostec). The armored vehicle mounts an original operational module equipped with a powerful gun weapon system of high endurance and accuracy, and a remote machine-gun mount. Computer weapons control system provides all-day and all-weather target location, detection, identification, and automatic tracking with the effective kill at ranges up to 5000 m from a halt and on the move.

Perficient 3rd-generation omni-directional protection in unit implementation protects the tank against sophisticated anti-tank weapons. Thanks to 1130-hp diesel engine produced by URALTRACK-CHTZ, Ltd.(as part of Concern Uralvagonzavod incorporated in Rostec)tank Т-90МСfeatures high mobility, maneuverability,fuel efficiency and controllability. Modular design offers the prospect of further tank uprating.

Tank T-90МС retains high combat and performance characteristics of the T-90 family such as exceptional reliability, dependability, maintainability and durability. It provides parity with promising foreign tanks.

In 2014 the T-90MC tank exhibited its high combat, dynamic and performance characteristics in Kuwait, where a demonstration was organized for this Middle-East country military. The Russian armored vehicle successfully passed multi-day desert tests where it showed its worth in high dust conditions.

In addition, models of the combat vehicle of the ТОС-1А heavy flame thrower system and upgraded 155-mm self-propelled gun Msta-Swill also be exhibited.