Turkey fires S-400 in military drill

Turkey fires S-400 in military drill

Sat, 10/24/2020 - 11:53
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Amidst the ongoing crisis in the Caucasus region, Turkey, during a military drill, first time fired the Russian-made S-400 air defense missile systems. The drill was held near Sinop in the Northern Turkey, reports Russian news agency TASS.

"Three missiles of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system were launched. All of them successfully hit the designated targets," Tass reports.

The test was conducted on October 16.


Earlier in October, Russian military, during an exercise intercepted an operational tactical missile at an altitude of 20 km using S-400. According to a release of Russian Ministry of Defence, this was the first combat launche conducted by crew of the Ural air defence regiment of the Central Military District at the Kapustin Yar training ground in the Astrakhan region.

“The crews of the S-400 Triumph found a target missile Kaban, imitating an operational-tactical missile and at an altitude of about 20 kilometers the target was successfully destroyed. Combat firing is the final stage in the adoption of new systems for the Ural anti-aircraft missile regiment,” the release said.

In September, in a layered air defence format, Russia simulated an air defence exercise using S-300V4, S-400 Triumph and Buk-M3 air defense systems. This was part of the Caucasus-2020 strategic exercises.

In order to designate a massive missile air strike by an adversary, high-speed maneuvering simulators of air targets "Saman", the latest target aircraft, "U-95" target missiles and lighting mines were used.

S-400 ADMS has been often called the most potent air defense system in the world. It detects a target at a 600 km distance and destroys it at up to 400 km range. For comparison -Patriot SAM's range, according to the open data, is about 100 km, while the range of Chinese export-oriented FD-2000 – 200 km. The S-400 is deployed within 5 minutes. In contrast, Patriot PAC-3 takes 25 minutes and  FD-2000 takes 6 min.

During the development of S-400, attention was paid to the widening of its target range. The system engages threats ranging from cruise missile flying at extremely low to aerial targets flying at 30 km.

One of S-400's tasks is engaging ballistic missiles. High number of simultaneously engaged targets is said to be ensured by sophisticated missile warheads. The system can intercept over-the horizon targets. A specific emphasis is placed on the jamming resistance.

India is expected to receive its first S-400 system by the end of 2021. The last delivery of the $5.4 billion contract of October 2018 will arrive in 2025.