Thales Unveils Early UAV Detection Radar

Thales Unveils Early UAV Detection Radar

Thu, 10/07/2021 - 14:32
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  • Thales unveils a new ground based multi-mission radar for force protection - with unique simultaneous ground and low-level air surveillance, providing exceptional early UAV detection, in particular of micro-drones.
  • The Ground Observer 20 Multi-Mission (GO20 MM) is a single mode multi-mission radar for continuous 360° 3D detection, tracking and automatic classification of the full threat spectrum. From UAVs and helicopters in the low- level airspace, to insurgents by foot or armed vehicles– simultaneous detection of all threats.
  • Key to winning decisive seconds for effective Counter-UAV (C-UAV) measures, the radar provides protection for troops in camps, on-the-march and units on the battlefield.

A reference in the field of Ground surveillance radars, Thales, a trusted historical partner to forces worldwide, now unveils its latest innovation: The GO 20 MM radar. Uniquely combining ground and low-level air surveillance in a single surveillance asset, the radar offers exceptional early UAV detection and automatic classification.

Situational awareness in the battlefield is critical to maintaining tactical advantage. Yet the increasing pace of technology is constantly challenging this advantage. The growing number of Unmanned Arial Systems (UAV), in particular micro-drones, is significantly contributing to shifting battlefield supremacy. High proliferation and the constant evolution of UAV capabilities in terms of autonomy, payload & swarm navigation increases the level of this threat day by day.

Providing coverage of the full spectrum of threats in the field, the GO20 MM provides continuous 360° 3D coverage for a multitude of threats. The radar surveys a large volume in 3D, with fast update rates, enabling early detection and automatic classification of long-range drones especially when they are not yet a threat, providing additional crucial seconds for C-UAV measures.

Through a clear, simple HMI Venus interface, operators automatically and easily recognize a threat, gaining precious time to decide if and what counter strategy to adopt. In complex scenarios such as asymmetric conflicts or high-density combat, the ability to classify automatically and quickly to get a fast situation picture provides tactical advantage.

Thanks to its compact size and modular configuration, the GO20 MM is easily transportable and deployable. In 5 minutes, two soldiers can set it up and quickly redeploy for a new mission, whether on a mast or for off-board operations.

With its six-pack battery, the GO20 MM provides Armed and Special Forces with seamless situational awareness for hours and high levels of protection. Choosing to opt-out of the generator option, Thales has made sure that the GO20 MM remains quiet and highly transportable ensuring mission success.

"With more than 50 years of experience in radars, and thousands ground surveillance radars around the world, Thales continues to invest and bring tactical advantage to forces in the field. Given the strong track record of all the ground based radars from the Ground Alerter and Ground Observer portfolio, this latest family member adds a new dimension to early drone detection and provides superior support to forces battlefield supremacy” Maja Velimirovic, Director Land and Air Systems, Thales in Germany.