S-500 enters manufacturing

S-500 enters manufacturing

Fri, 04/29/2022 - 16:48
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As the world is witnessing the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, Russia has begun producing its latest long-range-air-defence missile S-500 Prometheus for equipping its air defence formations. The production of the S-500 began in October last year.

Designed and developed by Russian State Corporation Almaz-Antey, S-500 is developed as the advanced air-defence system to intercept aerial threats at a maximum range of 600 km. It will form another layer above the S-400 Triumf, a medium-long-range-air-defence system, the Russian layered air-defence system.

Speaking to Russian Media, Yan Novikov, CEO, Almaz-Antey, said, “At the moment, the S-500 system, boasting the latest achievements in domestic science and engineering, has begun to be batch-produced. Its combat capabilities surpass by far those of the previously created air defense systems. The S-500 may well become the backbone of Russia’s aerospace defense. It will be delivered to the armed forces within the deadlines established under the state defense order.”

On the global sales of the much-in-demand S-400, Novikov informed that he expect Saudi Arabia to make decision after assessment of its high qualities of S-400.

Besides India, which has ordered 5 regiments of S-400 for over $5billion in October 2018, China, Belarus and Turkey are its current operators. Reportedly, West Asian nations have shown immense interest in the S-400. In addition to Saudi, Iraq, Iran and Qatar are interested in S-400.

Speaking further on the Russian offer of layered air-defence systems, Novikov said that the Almaz developed S-350 ‘Vityaz’ short-to-medium-range battlefield surface-to-air missile system is capable of intercepting futuristic aerial threats. He informed that ‘Vityaz’ is “fundamental different” from other Russian air-defence systems and can scan the air space quickly and aim its missiles on incoming threats. He was speaking to the National Defence magazine on the 20th anniversary of Almaz-Antley.