Rosoboron signs export contracts worth €2B at Army 2021

Rosoboron signs export contracts worth €2B at Army 2021

Mon, 08/30/2021 - 13:56
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New Delhi, Aug 30

Rosoboronexport JSC (part of the Rostec State Corporation) has held more than 70 negotiations with representatives of 35 countries during the Army 2021 International Military-Technical Forum.

"As a result of negotiations with foreign partners held at the Army 2021 Forum, Rosoboronexport has signed about 20 contract documents totaling over €2 billion," said Alexander Mikheev, Director General of Rosoboronexport.

According to the agreements concluded with foreign customers, Rosoboronexport will export Russian defense industry products for all services of the armed forces, as well as electronic warfare and air defense equipment in the coming years. Among them are the Su-30 type aircraft, Mi-35P, Mi-171SH and Mi-17V-5 helicopters, air weapons, Pantsir-S1 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun/missile (SPAAGM) system, Kornet-EM ATGM system, remotely controlled weapon stations, weapons for surface combatants and submarines, small arms and short-range weapons, various ammunition.

"The agreements reached by Rosoboronexport to supply foreign customers with the latest Pantsir-S1M SPAAGM system, Krasukha electronic warfare (EW) system and the Repellent-Patrol mobile counter-drone EW system are the first export contracts for these weapons," Alexander Mikheev added. “In addition, for the first time in the history of military-technical cooperation between Russia and foreign countries, we have agreed to integrate Russia’s Palma shipborne gun/missile CIWS into a ship’s foreign-made weapons system."

Live demonstrations of weapons, military and special equipment, organized by the Russian Ministry of Defense and Rosoboronexport for the company's foreign partners, became a highlight of the forum. The event involved Russian weapons and equipment for the ground forces and army aviation promoted by Rosoboronexport in external markets and was held at the Alabino Proving Ground.

At Kubinka Airfield, Rosoboronexport partners got acquainted with more than 40 pieces of aviation equipment, as well as observed flights of aerobatic teams and more than 25 solo flights.

The foreign guests invited by Rosoboronexport could view Russian small arms in the company’s presentation pavilion and at manufacturers’ stands, while the company's partners were able to personally test the main small arms models at Kalashnikov Concern, High-Precision Weapons Holding Company, Tochmash Central Research Institute and Lobaev Arms’ shooting ranges.

Among the new products presented at Army 2021 by Rosoboronexport, Russian defense industry and the Russian Ministry of Defense, foreign partners paid special attention to the T-14 Armata tank, combat vehicles based on the Boomerang combat platform, Orion-E reconnaissance/strike UAV, Antey-4000 air defense missile system, Pantsir-S1M SPAAGM system, Su-57 fifth-generation fighter, BMP-3 IFV with the Berezhok turret, modern Russian security equipment, the latest small arms, other equipment.

Rosoboronexport has been active in promoting products showcased at the Forum on the Internet. A video announcement of the exhibition with a demonstration of new products, a virtual tour of the exhibition with elements of virtual reality, the company’s online presentations, daily broadcasts of live demonstrations at the Alabino Proving Ground and the Army Games events are on the company's website and social media accounts.