New Precision Artillery Ammo for Russian Guns

New Precision Artillery Ammo for Russian Guns

Mon, 01/08/2024 - 22:58
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In the ongoing conflict with Ukraine, Russian military has introduced number of new weapon systems. The latest entrant is the much improved version of Krasnopol Russian precision artillery ammunition - Krasnopol-M2. The new ammo has an improved range and hit probability against static and mobile target, revealed Russian Ministry in a statement on Saturday.

“Barrel artillery is being improved by developing a new type of high-precision ammunition to selectively engage certain important targets. The development of Krasnopol-M2 guided artillery shell, which is superior to its predecessor (Krasnopol) in its main characteristics, has already been completed and is being effectively used during the special military operation,” the release stated.

Referred as ‘Sniper Shell’ by Russian media, Krasnopol M2 is a laser guided 155 mm artillery shell capable of eliminating ground assets like armoured vehicles, artillery guns, mortars, mobile and static enemy assets like radar sites etc.

According to the Russian defence export agency, Rosoboronexport(RoE), the sniper shell is capable of neutralising covered and uncovered targets in both day and night condition. RoE claims that the ammo can target ‘widely spaced targets’ with same firing data, which means it can fired in salvo mode for multiple targets in a designated area.

 Produced by High Precision Weapons's KBP, M2 system is comprised of K155M semi-active laser-guided projectile and Malakhit automated artillery fire control system (AAFCS).

Malakhit automated artillery fire control system (AAFCS) provides the M2 with detection and illumination of target with laser(including at night), survey control of the firing position and command observation post, automated calculation and firing data input. The ammo can also be illuminated by laser guidance from any Unmanned Aerial System.

On May 15, Russian media reported the success of Krasnopol and Krasnopol-M2 in eliminating Ukrainian command post of 122nd territorial defence brigade in Kupyansk area.  The news report claimed that the M2 is capable of operating “even under strong wind conditions and heavy clouds.”

It seems that Russian military has been using the M2 since April last year. Reportedly, Russia will increase the Krasnopol-M2 production by 25 times in 2024.


Specification M2

Range, km:

min 3 max, up to 25

Projectile length,

1300 mm

Projectile weight,

54 kg

Warhead type

HEF 8 kg

Engagement mode

top attack, a pop-up before diving on the target

Operating temp

-40  to +60 °C

Hit probability:

Within 12 km

exceeding 12 km



0.8 – 0.9

over 0.6 against a target moving at a speed up to 36