Indian Navy looking for Li-ion cells for submarines

Indian Navy looking for Li-ion cells for submarines

Mon, 12/07/2020 - 06:32
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Indian Navy is looking for indigenously developed Lithium Ion battery to replace lead acid batteries fitted on its conventional submarines. A request for Information (RFI) was sent out looking for vendors capable of designing a Li-Ion battery of 5MW power to be fitted on existing and under construction submarines.

The RFI was released on October 28 and is valid till December 9.

According to the document, the vendor will submit design of 500KWH Li-Ion battery which can be scaled to 5MW power. Navy is planning to order of six batteries.

Navy is soliciting offers in ‘two-stage two-bid system’ wherein the vendor will submit technical and commercial offers together in separate envelop. The commercial offer should be valid for 18 months.

Navy wants the project to be completed in 20 months from award of contract. Since batteries are for replacement of existing Type 1 battery, they must meet the current voltage and current requirements and PGD network of the EKM (Sindhughosh) class.

The last date for submission of response is four weeks.