Kalashnikov introducing new tactical vest to world market

Kalashnikov introducing new tactical vest to world market

Wed, 02/17/2021 - 15:36
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In the upcoming Middles East’s premier arms expo IDEX 2021, Russian small arms leader, Kalashnikov group is introducing its new tactical vest Modular Carry System (MCS) currently in use with Russia’s anti terror force ‘Alfa’.  

MCS is designed by Group 99 (part of the Kalashnikov group). IDEX is being held from February 21-25 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

“When we developed MCS we had one mission – to develop the system with the best ergonomic and functional solutions for any situation and environment based on the analysis of the combat experience of Russian forces. Among consultants and designers of this system we had former and active duty operators of the elite Russian special units,” said Boris Salenko, Managing Director, Group 99.

“MCS is a universal solution for a wide range of missions and allows the user to find the optimal balance of protection and load bearing capability with regards to thermoregulation, ergonomics and the operational situation,” said company in a statement. MCS entered the market in 2020.

Since the vest is developed for forces indulged in covert operations, it ensures comfort to user in long range movements, close quarters combat, and different types of climates. It is certified for NIJ IIIa, NIJ III, NIJ IV bullet protection and additionally equipped with improved ballistic protection effective vs fragments with speed up to 630 meters per second.


The vest provided with option to adjust the position of ballistic plates and increase the protected surface without sacrificing the mobility. Load support system allows the operator to have mobility even when using NIJ IV plates and fragment protection of over 100 square decimeters. Unification of modules allowed to decrease the number of parts in the system to a necessary minimum, easing transportation and repair of the system.

Last year, India expressed interest in the vest for its special forces and central police organisation. But things did move beyond initial talks due to Covid-19 lockdown.