Remdizel is ready for partnership with Indian firm - Alexander Matveev

Remdizel is ready for partnership with Indian firm - Alexander Matveev

Mon, 08/31/2020 - 13:24
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AO Remdizel, Russia, the famed manufacturer of Typhoon, Tornado and Vystrel family of versatile armoured vehicles is exploring possibility to participate in Indian armoured and all-terrain vehicle market.  IDI spoke at length to Alexander Matveev, Director of Sales and Service, JSC Remdizel, for his companies perspective on Indian market, some excerpts.

By Rohit Srivastava

On Remdizel’s plan for Indian market

Matveev – First of all, we would like to say that AO Remdizel (JSC) was established in 1978 and since then has created a wide portfolio of products. These products meet the needs of both Russian armed forces and of those of other states.

The main activities of AO Remdizel are the following: major overhaul of wheeled and tracked vehicles, major overhaul of engines and aggregates, production of MRAP 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 as well as spare parts production. Thus, if the Indian state is interested in collaboration with us, we could offer a wide range of products and services that would be able to meet the needs of the security agencies of our Indian partners.

Taking into account the current realities and requirements of the ongoing program “Make in India”, we are ready to develop a long-term partnership with the Indian party concerning the delivery of MRAP vehicles with 4х4, 6х6 and 8х8 wheel configurations and gradual production localization.

It should be noted, that the export of our military products to the international market is carried out through JSC Rosoboronexport, which is the only state intermediary in Russia for the export and import of the entire range of products, technologies and services of military and dual-use.

Moreover, what we additionally could offer is the design of a new product according to the terms of customer technical assignment. Our R&D department has 150 highly-skilled professionals who follow up on the latest industry trends.

On Defexpo 2020

Matveev – Indian arms exhibitions are proving their world level every year, and we are of the opinion that they are much the same as exhibitions like IDEX, Milipol and Eurosatory. The participation in Defexpo gave us an opportunity to have a better understanding of the current level of the Indian defense industry, to get familiar with Indian companies’ innovations in the direction of wheeled armored vehicles, and to establish business contacts with a number of domestic producers of platforms and components.


On their focus area in India

Matveev – We are interested in any market, together with AO Rosoboronexport (JSC), we are ready to negotiate with any customer. We are particularly interested in India, which is a strategic partner of Russia and due to the fact that Russian military equipment and its advantages are very well known to the Indian market.

However, for the time being we don’t observe a particular interest of Indian market in Russian armored vehicles. To our understanding, there are a number of problems which could be solved in close cooperation in the short term.

First of all, it is a steering wheel location, because Russian vehicles are right-hand drive. Second, there are the nuances of the military equipment procurement system. Third, production localization is mandatory, whereas product purchasing commitment is not provided. If both parties are mutually interested, all issues can be settled down.

On product with maximum potential for Indian market

Matveev – In our opinion, the designing of the MRAP-class vehicle according to the Indian party technical assignment together with joint testing and stepwise production localization in India is our greatest export capability.

We also believe that MRAP-class vehicles of the Typhoon, Vystrel and Tornado families which are being operated by the Russian army may attract certain interest.

On comparison with other competitor

Matveev – For the last 15 years, the armored vehicles industry has shown high development trend. During that period, market leaders have been defined, demonstrating similar technical performance and protection level. Our competitive advantage is a systematic approach in business management, from product design to its production and after sales maintenance.

Typhoon, Vystrel and Tornado vehicles generations used by the Russian army, proved their technical capabilities and protection level in various local conflicts. The availability of 4х4 К-53949 Typhoon K vehicle export contract one more time stresses the interest towards that product.

In the end, our main competitive advantage can rightly be considered the desire of a particular country to have the equipment of the world’s leading army.

On supply to Indian police organisation

Matveev – Surely, besides Indian army, we also consider the possibility of cooperation with other Indian security agencies. Our vehicles’ design allows to promptly customize them in accordance with customer requirements, and we see no obstacles to cooperation with the Indian interior ministry as well as other entities.

On idea behind Typhoon

Matveev – Typhoon generation vehicles are MRAP-class armored vehicles. They are mainly characterized by high ballistic and mine protection level while landing forces can be comfortably transported. The criterion of price and quality that we incorporate in the concept of these vehicles is also essential. Despite their high performances, we are trying to keep attractive prices for them.

On high altitude capability of Vystrel


Matveev – The Vystrel vehicle is a highly demanded product from the Russian Ministry of Defense side. Characterized by a sufficiently high protection level, it has an attractive price and can be applied for installation of specific equipment as well. We suppose that its application in the mountainous areas should not cause any problem.

On partnership in India

Matveev – We are open to offers. We are always ready to discuss promising cooperation with our colleagues from JSC Rosoboronexport as an intermediary, in case Indian government agencies and individual producers are interested in it.


The Typhoon Family

The family of wheeled armoured vehicles with enhanced mine protection. The vehicles have a very big clearance, a V-shaped bottom side that is capable of withstanding the debris and ensuring the effective energy dissipation. The vehicles are intended for running combat mission, carrying a crew and military freight as well as solution of the task of providing medical support.

The 4x4 vehicle has high rates of cross-country ability, travelling speed, towing and dynamic performance, maneuverability on all types of roads and terrains. It be operated and air-dropped in mountainous areas at a height of up to 4,500 m above sea level, with crossing passages up to 4,650 m.

Typhoon K


OTT level 3 mine (grenade) protection.

OTT level 4 small arms and artillery weapon protection.

3 doors.

Turret (steerable/without a weapon mount).

Combat module: basic armament — 30 mm 2A4 cannon, secondary armament — 7.62 PKTM tank machine gun.

Self-recovery winch with a stress of 6.75 t.

Fire-extinguishing system.

Assault ladder.

Towing arrangement.

Circular video camera.

Strobe light.


Microwave communication and communications facility.

Combined electrical system.

The body (bulk) is connected to the negative leds of the current source. Nominal voltage is 24 V.

The wheels are disc, aluminum, with bullet-proof inserts.



The 8x8 armoured multi-purpose chassis with high mobility and payload performances. Chassis can be fitted with equipment for cargo transportation and can be a base for armoured vehicles of various types.

The vehicle design allows to carry freight weighing more than 20 t reaching speeds of up to 100 km/h with a fuel range of 1,000 km.



OTT level 2 mine (grenade) protection.

OTT level 4 small arms and artillery weapon protection.

2 doors.

Site for mounting a remote-controlled combat module

Turret (steerable/without a weapon mount).

Tyres: pneumatic, tube-type 16.00R20, with controlled pressure. Nominal pressure in tyres: 7.5 kgf/сm2, minimum permissible pressure: 3.0 kgf/сm2.

Self-recovery winch.

Fire-extinguishing system is intended for fire detection and extinction inside the protected chassis compartment (a cab or an engine compartment).

Assault ladder.

Towing arrangement.

Video surveillance system: front camera location — on the outboard supports, rear camera location — on the back crossbeam, a monitor unit is fixed on the inside of the roof of the cab in front of the driver.

Spot light.

Combined electrical system. The body (bulk) is connected to the negative leds of the current source. Nominal voltage is 24 V.


The vehicle can run on public roads and off-road. Moreover, it can be used in mountain areas at a height of up to 4,500 m above sea level, with the ability of the vehicle to cross passes up to 4,650 m at a relative humidity of up to 100 per cent and at a temperature of +25º C. The vehicle has seating capacity of 2+4.



Protection against mines of a mass of up to 0.6 kilos TНT

5a level GOST R 50963-96 small arms protection

The body is all-welded, armoured, monocoque, with rear swing doors, embrasures and hatches in the roof and with side hatches

The tyres are pneumatic, with a ply rating of 18, with controlled pressure, an off-road tread pattern.

Fire-extinguishing equipment, hand fire extinguisher in a quantity of 2 units.

It is possible to mount on the vehicle combat compartments (modules) like VMK (12.7 mm Kord machine gun), MB2 (30 mm 2A42 cannon; 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun; AG-17 grenade launcher), BM30 (30 mm 2A42 cannon; 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun; AG-17 grenade launcher) and also other combat compartments (modules) that have mounting dimensions of a turret ring and mass parameters identical to those given for the indicated above combat compartments (module).

The self-recovery winch is installed in a front overhang in front of the radiator grill. The working length of the cable is 60 m.