Innovative testing system for Ka-226T

Innovative testing system for Ka-226T

Tue, 09/22/2020 - 16:58
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Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Russia’s leading aviation university, has developed an innovative testing system for Ka-226T helicopters which will significantly reduce its maintenance time.

According to a press statement, MAI has developed a versatile hardware-in-the-loop avionics test unit with a programmable switch, which allows the user to remotely control the switching system for various kinds of input/output lines designed for any kind of small choppers.

Alexey Afanasiev, Deputy Head of the MAI Laboratory No. 3, says, “The hardware-in-the-loop avionics test unit is aimed at work with the Ka-226T. However, it should be noted that due to its architecture, it is universal and may be used almost without modifications to work with other helicopters of similar size and purpose.”

The most significant characteristic of the system is the functional software equipment of the test unit. This is fully developed by the Laboratory No. 3 of MAI R&D Department-101. The members of the development team are experts in simulator development.

The project started in 2018 at the Lab 3, MAI. Next year, the contract with the Russian Helicopters was signed. Throughout the development process, MAI and Russian Helicopters worked together to develop the unit.

Speaking on the unit, Afanasiev said, “One of the customer’s requirements was the ability of the test unit to visualize the flight conditions. To do this, MAI produced a mock-up of the helicopter’s cockpit, a spherical screen, and a system of projectors and the degree of visibility of some tests has increased sufficiently.”

The test unit is undergoing certification and MAI is expected to sign contract with several customers.

MAI, situated in Moscow, is Russia’s the leading aviation university was founded in 1930, and provides trained personnel to aviation industry in Russia and worldwide. It plays key role in making Russia significant aviation power of the Industry 4.0.