India looking for 70 ton tank transporter

India looking for 70 ton tank transporter

Mon, 05/18/2020 - 09:53
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Indian Army, on Friday, sent out a Request for Information (RFI) for purchase of three dozen tank transporters. “The vehicle will be used for transportation of Trailer 70 Ton Tank Transporter loaded with medium, heavy tanks weighing upto 70 Tons on metalled roads and tracks,” the RFI document said.  

 Indian Army is looking for an 8x8 vehicle which is operational in varied terrains of India including, desert, mountains and plains and can tolerate temperature range from 0 - 45 degree centigrade.

The high mobility load carrier, with payload capacity of not less than 12 Tons, is expected to have gross combined weight (GCW) of 115-125 tons. “The GCW includes the in-service trailer having un-laden weight of not more than 28 Ton, MBT Arjun Mk-I 62.5 ton or Mk-IA 68 ton and the weight of the Prime Mover with the counter weights (ballast weights) as recommended by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer),” it said.

The platform should facilitate modification for other uses including troop carriage, containerization and for specialist roles.

“The vehicle should have a facility for easy and quick conversion to flat bed configuration by removal of side walls, super structure and tail board. The vehicle should have locking arrangements for container transportation,” the RFI said.

The last date for submission of replies is six weeks.