Dynamatic completes 150 shipset of Airbus A33O

Dynamatic completes 150 shipset of Airbus A33O

Tue, 07/27/2021 - 13:41
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Bangaluru, July 26

Dynamatic Technologies Limited has completed 150 ship sets of Airbus A330 Flap Track Beam assemblies and handed them over to Airbus through a virtual event, which was witnessed by senior executives from Airbus in France & India.

This project entails unique collaborative manufacturing in UK & India with high-speed robotic machining at our UK facility and artisanal assembly by skilled craftsmen in India. This is one of the most successful Make in India programs. The flaps on the wings, which are instrumental in controlling speed, direction and balance of the aircraft, move along high tech guide rails known as Flap Track Beams.

These Flap Track Beams are Class 1 Flight Critical Assemblies that are connected to the wings. Dynamatic Technologies Limited has been producing Flap Track Beam assemblies for Airbus A330 Aircraft as global single source supplier along with single-aisle Airbus A320 aircraft family on a global single source basis.

Udayant Malhoutra CEO & Managing Director, Dynamatic Technologies Limited said, “Our relationship with Airbus is based on delivering uncompromising quality on a global best-value basis. To achieve this, we have established a decade-long collaborative model utilizing comparative advantages available in India and the United Kingdom. We look forward to broadening our relationship with Airbus on more programs.”