RoE Summaries Army 2023

RoE Summaries Army 2023

Sat, 08/19/2023 - 15:40
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New Delhi, Aug 18

During the business program of the Ninth Army 2023 International Military and Technical Forum, ROSOBORONEXPORT (part of Rostec State Corporation) held more than 80 meetings and negotiations with delegations from more than 40 countries.

The total area of ROSOBORONEXPORT's exhibit at Army 2023 exceeded 2,300 square meters, enabling the company to increase the number of products presented. The company showcased more than 250 pieces of military equipment developed and produced by Russian defense companies for all services of the armed forces at 6 locations of the forum.

ROSOBORONEXPORT told its partners about the advantages of Russian weapons and military equipment, which have undergone upgrades taking into account feedback from the zone of the special military operation in accordance with the missions performed.

"In 2023, ROSOBORONEXPORT organized a tight business agenda on the sidelines of the Army Forum. We held presentations of 350+ Russian military, dual-use and civilian products for delegations from more than 30 countries. We signed several export contracts worth about $600 million, discussed with our partners the development of bilateral military-technical cooperation and saw their great interest in industrial partnership projects. We reached agreements on joint production of Kalashnikov assault rifles, armored vehicles, guided missiles, as well as the installation of Russian remote weapon stations of various calibers on partners' combat platforms on their premises," said ROSOBORONEXPORT Director General Alexander Mikheev.


In 2023, ROSOBORONEXPORT unveiled a reconnaissance-fire system in its outdoor display area. It includes reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles, an artillery unit’s reconnaissance and control system based on the Planshet-A mobile automated artillery fire control and the 1B75E sound-and-thermal ranging systems, as well as artillery weapons – the Msta-S self-propelled howitzer and the 2S31 Vienna self-propelled artillery gun. A layered counter-UAV system comprising air defense and electronic warfare assets was also on display.

The company's partners showed keen interest in the MiG-35, Su-57E, Su-35, Su-34 and Su-30SME combat aircraft, Ka-52E helicopter, modernized Mi-28NE, Mi-171Sh, Ka-226T and Mi-35P helicopters, as well as Orion-E, Orlan-10E and Orlan-30 UAVs and counter-UAV assets.

Russian air defense equipment, considered the best one on the world market, attracted particular attention of foreign delegations at Army 2023. Upon requests from partners, ROSOBORONEXPORT presented the S-400 Triumf, S-350E Vityaz air defense missile systems (ADMS), Viking SAM system, various versions of the Buk and Tor SAM systems produced by the Almaz-Antey Corporation, as well as products from High Precision Systems, a subsidiary of Rostec – Pantsir-S1 and Pantsir-S1M self-propelled anti-aircraft gun/missile (SPAAGM) systems and their naval version – the Pantsir-ME AAGM system, which has recently successfully passed official tests and is being installed on Russian ships, as well as the Verba and Igla-S MANPAD systems.

In the segment of Ground Forces equipment, ROSOBORONEXPORT told foreign customers in detail about Russia’s T-90 and T-72 MBTs, tube, rocket and missile artillery systems, including the Msta-S SP howitzer, Tornado-S and Tornado-G multiple rocket launcher (MRL) systems, Tigr, Spartak and Typhoon-K MRAP vehicles, Kornet-E and Kornet-EM ATGM systems, small arms, close combat weapons and inflatable mock-ups of military equipment. The partners highly appreciated the performance of the Nakidka camouflage system unveiled for the first time, which successfully hides armored vehicles from optical and thermal observation in combat conditions.

ROSOBORONEXPORT also carried out active marketing work on its digital platforms. In particular, 40 video announcements and presentations of the products showcased at the forum were prepared for posting on the company's official website, on Rosoboronexport RuTube and YouTube channels, as well as in social networks. An interactive tour of the exhibition was published using virtual reality technologies and with the possibility of an integrated switching from a general overview of exhibit items to getting more detailed information about them.

"The Army Forum plays a huge role in facilitating Russia's military-technical cooperation with foreign countries through the demonstration of new Russian weapons and military equipment to partners. The ratio between new Russian products on the world market and those produced today is expected to reach 90-10 in 2030, - said Alexander Mikheev in his report to Russian Defense Minister, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu at the Army 2023 Forum. - Among the leaders of growth in the near and medium term, ROSOBORONEXPORT sees the Su-57E fifth-generation fighter, IL-76MD-90A(E) military transport aircraft, Ka-52E scout/attack helicopter, S-350E Vityaz ADMS, Pantsir-S1M SPAAGM system, Project 22356 frigate, TOS-2 heavy flamethrower system and others."

In addition to demonstrating Russian products to customers at the forum, ROSOBORONEXPORT visited the exhibition areas of foreign partners participating in Army 2023. Alexander Mikheev appreciated the exhibits presented by China, Iran and India.