Indian Army launches infrastructure management software

Indian Army launches infrastructure management software

Thu, 10/29/2020 - 21:54
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PIB, Oct 29

Infrastructure development has gained significant importance in many of the Army stations where major works are planned to replace vintage accommodation of pre independence era.  The process is cumbersome and time consuming involving multiple agencies. Land has also become a very scarce resource since all cantonments and military stations have now come closer to major population centres. Presently all functions towards infrastructure development and management to include ascertaining availability of land, planning and monitoring of works, environment conservation and responsive quartering policies are carried out manually, which is not only time consuming but is also in-efficient.

Realising that automation is the key to empowering all stake holders to transform and become efficient, transparent and enhance accountability, Indian Army has introduced a software named the “Infrastructure Management System (IMS)’ software which was inagurated by the COAS on the sidelines of the Army Commanders Conference on 28 October 2020.

 The scope of the software package developed includes the following

 •        To automate works initiation, preparation of list and its approval by the MoD.

 •        To accord administrative approval and monitoring of execution by the CFA.

 •        To automate availability of CAO pool accommodation, plan vacation, re-allocation and undertake maintenance.

 •        To automate approval of accommodation allocation/extention for children education ground, special children and Battle/Physical casualty.

 •        Manage cantonment roads including emergency closure.

 •        Make land, works and quartering policies available on line.

•        Monitor land encroachment, Old Grant Bungalows, VIP references and transfer/exchange of land.