HAL Records Turnover in Excess of Rs 21000 crore

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited recorded a turnover of over Rs. 21,100 crores (provisional and unaudited) for the financial year ended on March 31, 2020 (corresponding figure for the previous year was Rs. 19,705 crores). The Company has posted a revenue growth of around 7% during 2019-20 for the second year consecutively, post listing as compared to 3.8% during 2017-18.

MiG-35 to get new capabilities soon

In February, Russian Aircraft Corporation announced the development of two systems that are going to make its aircraft family of MiG-29 and MiG-35 more capable. In a press statement, on February 21, RAC (Earlier MiG) said that it has received “the patent for the landing approach aircraft automatic control system” and again on March 4, it announced receiving “patent for an intelligent system for highly manoeuvrable combat aircraft protection against going beyond critical g-loads.”

These systems is being developed for MiG-29M/M2 and MiG-35 aircraft.

RAFAEL posts 2019 record sales of $US 2.7 billion

RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. posts its financial results today (Thursday) for FY 2019, amid the COVID-19 global crisis, with record sales of $2.7 billion, an increase of %3.9 compared to 2018. The company's orders totaled $2.8 billion (10 billion Shekels), with record high export orders, and an order backlog of $7.2 billion (24.8 billion Shekels), equivalent to 2.5 sales years, despite the significant depreciation in the Dollar- and Euro-to-Shekel exchange rates.

Geopolitics of Covid-19

Covid-19  is causing a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions and is roiling people worldwide. As per reports the peak of this pandemic seems to be still ahead. Its outcomes might be even more disastrous than what we have seen so far. The world is on the cusp of change notwithstanding the human misery trail the virus leaves behind.