DefExpo 2020 - Russia

DefExpo 2020 - Russia

Fri, 01/31/2020 - 18:45
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TOS-1A - Thermobaric rocket system

Among the land systems presented in Russian pavilion, TOS-1A – multi-barrel thermobaric rocket system will be a unique product. World over it is termed as multi-barrel rocket system (MBRL) which Russian reject, they call it flame thrower. The system is designed to destroy men, material, light armoured vehicle, structures within the range of 600-6000m using unguided rockets with thermobaric warheads. The weapon gives point blank range against enemy positions. The thermobaric warhead burns down the target in a huge ball of fire. The system was effectively used in Syrian war by Russian army. 

The launcher system can be placed over both T-72 and T-90 which gives it all terrain mobility. The system is considered especially effective in the mountainous areas.

Our sources suggest that Russia is interested in offering it under Make in India. The indigenization of the system is not much of a challenge as India has already achieved substantial indigenization of chasis of T-90 Tanks. Indigenising TOS will not be time consuming. The system can also be very effective against cross border firing in the mountain borders of India. 

The 44 ton vehicle is operated by a crew of three people.