Stop Being Reactive Power - 100 Words Edit

Stop Being Reactive Power - 100 Words Edit

Sat, 01/15/2022 - 10:23
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Rohit Srivastava

On this Army Day, India needs to analyse why it has failed to deter its adversaries from executing plans to change the status quo on both working boundaries. Indian Army is forced to salvage the situation. As the saying goes ‘jo mare so meer’ - who hits first wins. Indian strategy of (not)managing its adversaries in the last 75 years is a testament to this. Only once, India proactively acts (1971) and reap benefits. Since India has gone back to being reactive. Its time, India learns to make adversaries respect the status quo and change them at its will.

*100 words edit is our new feature. As we face paucity of time and waning concentration, IDI believes thoughts needs to be shared in less words.

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