Russia offers MiG-35 as India may want

Russia offers MiG-35 as India may want

Fri, 02/22/2019 - 20:27
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The Director General of JSC Russian Aircraft Corporation ‘MiG’, Ilya Tarsenko said the MiG-35 which is used by the Russian Air Force is the latest offering to India with features that will outbeat the competition.  The Russians have responded to the Indian Air Force’s requirement of 110 medium multi role combat aircraft RFP (request for proposal).

Tarasenko  said the company would build the fighter aircraft here in India with joint partnership of private and public sector companies. “In accordance with the tender, we will offer full transfer of technology of the 4++ aircraft. We are offering a comprehensive product system which none of the competitors may offer.” The MiG 35 is the most modern with stealth, weapon systems; and avionics. “We will offer a Russian aircraft which will be totally made in India. The transfer of technology will be for real; continuous maintenance support and above all an unmatched price.” It is expected to be cheaper by 20 per cent than the competitors.

Tarsenko said they had made presentations to the Ministry of Defence on the aircraft, highlighting three aspects – a) offer to localise production in India; b) update on technological characterstics in comparison with competitors; and c) most modern weapons as payload. “It is a new aircraft.” The MiG-35 is operated by the Russian Air Force and India is the first country that Russia is pitching for seriously, even though there are other countries which have shown interest in the aircraft.

Tarsenko said the company will tie up with India partners closer to the announcement of the bid, but said they were already in talks with some companies. On where the plant may be located, he said  ‘India is a big country, it could be in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Goa, Nashik or even Delhi.”