IDEX-21 - Nexter to exhibit range of products

IDEX-21 - Nexter to exhibit range of products

Fri, 02/19/2021 - 18:45
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From 21 to 25 February 2021, French defence major Nexter Group will be presenting its products and know-how on its  stand (CP 320) at the 2021 edition of the IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  

By taking part in IDEX, Nexter is responding to one of the few defence industry events to be held in  the first half of 2021. This exhibition is an opportunity for the Group, a long-standing partner of the  United Arab Emirates, to showcase a varied range of technological products and services. Nexter has  been supporting the UAE armed forces for more than 20 years in the maintenance and technical  support of the Leclerc (XL) tank. Today, Nexter wants to strengthen this long-term relationship with,  on the one hand, the renovation of the Leclerc tank, just as the French army is launching its program  to ensure its longevity. On the other hand, Nexter reiterates its interest in setting up joint projects to  develop new local activities. 

Nexter Group is represented at IDEX by several of its subsidiaries, Nexter Systems, Nexter Robotics,  Nexter Munitions, Nexter Training, as well as CTAi, the joint venture with BAE Systems. In addition to  presentations dedicated to innovation within the group, several flagship products are on display: 

• Leclerc tank (XL): An Emirati Leclerc tank welcomes visitor to the stand with 120mm  ammunition. Nexter is delighted with the project announced by the United Arab Emirates to  renovate their tank fleet. Indeed, France has launched, through the SCORPION program, the  renovation of 200 Leclerc tanks between 2020 and 2028. This modernization will increase the  operational capacity of the tank by integrating the latest generation common equipment  (SICS and vetronics) into all SCORPION equipment.  

• TITUS extended mission: The TITUS 6x6 armored vehicle integrates a Nexter ARX25 turret.  This multi-role armored vehicle (troop transport, reconnaissance, NBC, artillery) is adapted to  the geography of the Middle East, due to its motorization and crossing capabilities. Designed  for urban combat, it offers excellent maneuverability and an exceptional turning radius. The  TITUS is enhanced by integrating robots (NERVA on the ground and IXOS-LG from the roof)  on the body, enabling the crew to extend its observation capabilities without exposing itself  to the outside of the vehicle. 


• CAESAR 6x6: The CAESAR 6x6 self-supporting gun in sand version installed on the stand  belongs to the 5th cuirassiers regiment based in Abu Dhabi. Due to its combat experience,  mobility and stealth, the CAESAR enjoys an excellent reputation in France and in the field of  artillery internationally. Recently, Denmark and Morocco selected it to renew their fire  support capabilities.

• Robotics: The robots of the Nerva range with their different modules are demonstrated by  Nexter Robotics teams around the stand. The large robots (Unmanned Ground Vehicles)  offer various capacities: mule, convoy tracking, transporting shell boxes, etc.  

• Ammunition: Nexter is exhibiting its ammunition, ranging from 20 to 155mm. In the field of  artillery, Nexter is exhibiting conventional 105 and 155mm ammunition and smart  ammunition (SPACIDO, BONUS, KATANA). The BONUS shell equips many NATO armies,  including the United States. With more than 10,000 units sold, it is still in production. In  addition to tank ammunition, the stand includes medium-caliber ammunition, 81mm and  120mm mortars and 76mm naval ammunition.  

• Medium-caliber: Nexter is presenting its range of medium-caliber weapons. RAPIDFire,  recently ordered for the French Navy, is equipped with the 40 CTA gun that arms the new  generations of land armoured vehicles in France (JAGUAR), Great Britain (Ajax Warrior) and  Belgium (CaMo). Conventional land ammunition and the A3B (Anti-Aerial AirBurst) smart  munition give it ground-to-air and ground-to-ground capabilities. This system can be  integrated on the Titus. In addition, the 30mm cannon that equips the Tiger helicopter and  the P20 mount for special forces 4x4 vehicles will be on the stand. 

• Support: Customer Services Department is presenting the services that Nexter can provide in  the areas of training (Nexter Training is invited to the Al Hamra partner's stand) and in service support. In addition, CAESAR parts made by additive manufacturing testify to the  Group's know-how and innovation.

Pic 1- Char Leclerc

Pic 2 - Titus