Rafale to participate in Republic Day fly past

Rafale to participate in Republic Day fly past

Tue, 01/19/2021 - 15:19
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New Delhi, Jan 18

1.A total of 42 aircraft including 15 Fighters, 05 transports, 17 Helicopters, one vintage aircraft of the Indian Air Force and 04 Helicopters of the Indian Army will participate in this years’ flypast. 

2. The ftypast would be flown in two blocks. The first block is planned along with the parade between 1004 to 1020 hrs and the second block is planned after the parade between 1120 to 1145 hrs. 

3. Block I comprising of three formations, would be led by Nishan formation comprising of 4 Mi17-V5 carrying the National flag and ensigns of the three services (timed 10 seconds ahead of Parade Commander). Following Nishan will be Dhruv, 4 aircraft formation of the Army Aviation Corps (timed with first Mechanised Column of the 1.A). The third and tast formation in Block | is Rudra, which commemorative of the Swamim Vijay Jayanti of the 1971 war and comprises of single Dakota flanked by two Mi 17-1Vs in Vic formation (timed with the marching contingent from Bangladesh). 

4. Block II will comprise of 9 formations. The first two formations would be Sudarshan and Rakshak. Sudarshan will comprise of one Chinook and two Mi 17-1Vs, while Rakshak would be led by a single Mi 171V with 4 Apache. Following Rakshak would be Bhim formation of three C-130 ac. This would be followed by the Netra and Garuda formation. While Netra is unchanged from last year, Garuda formation will include a pair of MiG 29s along two Su-30MKIs formatting on a single C-17. 

5. The fifth formation is Eklavya comprising of one Rafale, two Jaguars and two MiG 29s which would be followed by three Su 30s in Trinetra formation carrying out the traditional Trishul manoeuvre. Trailing Trinetra will be three Sarang helicopters flying in Vijay formation. The fiypast would culminate with a single Rafale Brahmastra that shall carry out a Vertical Charlie abeam the dais (show stopper).