March 2019

PM inaugurates AK-203 plant

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Sunday, inaugurated Indo-Russian joint venture to manufacture AK-203 assault rifle. The Indo-Russian Rifles Pvt Ltd, a partnership between Indian Ordnance Factory Board and Russian Kalashnikov Concern, will manufacture around 7.5 lakh rifles which will go on to replace the INSAS rifle, the current standard issue to Indian soldiers. These guns are also expected to equip other Indian forces.

What ails our aviation industry- Problems

Rafale controversy, though not new to high profile defence procurements, has generated unprecedented and avoidable acrimony and bitterness among various stakeholders, be it political parties or different wings of the same Government! later is far more damaging for the nation; while politicians are what they are and will be politicians, any persistent disharmony within various wings of the government can have far-reaching and damaging consequences for the nation! Before attempting to find a solution, it is pertinent to analyse and understand the problem. 

In a world’s first ever - Indian MiG-21 hunts down F-16

Certain events are capable of refuting years of prevalent narrative. One such incidence took place on February 27, when an Indian Air Force’s MiG-21 Bison shot down the Pakistan Air Force’s F-16D (Block 50). With the unfortunate aircraft, the narrative of the supremacy of western aircraft over Russian aircraft came crashing down.

Leaving no window for uncertainty, IAF displayed the wreckage of the AIM-120 missile, only available with F-16 in the PAF.